Four of the top benefits of remote-monitored CCTV towers

By Steelforce Security

CCTV Intstallation

As one of the North West’s leading security firms, we have been involved with Closed Circuit Television for decades. Our standard CCTV service is perfect for the home or a permanent business premises. However, there are times when a more flexible and mobile solution is required. In these circumstances, we recommend using our remote CCTV towers instead.

What is a remote CCTV tower?

It is pretty much what you’re picturing in your head. A standalone vertical tower, mounted on a mobile base that can be locked securely into place as needed. At the top of this tower you will find a high-resolution CCTV cameras including full 360° angle of vision. The cameras are connected to our monitoring station, providing round-the-clock coverage from a single vantage point.

Here are just a benefits of a remote CCTV tower:

A wireless security solution

Our remote CCTV towers are completely wireless, meaning they can be positioned wherever they are needed. The tower utilises its own generator, with some models operating on batteries or solar power. Operating under their own power, they are an ideal security solution for remote sites.

Control System
A range of remote security applications

Speaking of remote sites, our CCTV towers are perfect for temporary placements. If you’re operating a building site, you don’t need a permanent CCTV solution. You just need one that lasts for as long as your company oversees the project. A remote CCTV tower can do just that. This makes them the ideal choice for everything from construction sites and car parks, to open-air venue and more.

Smart technology

Our remote CCTV towers incorporate smart technology to make them even more effective. The system can analyse – based on shape, size, and movement – whether it’s an intruder, or just a stray animal. If the camera does spot an intruder, it will pivot on its tower to keep that person in its sights.

Adaptable security solutions

Our CCTV cameras are smart, compact and easy on the eye. This also means that there is plenty of room on the tower to adapt it to your specific needs. This could include audio and lighting systems to deter intruders, or even time-lapse technology to record your project’s progress.


Remote-monitored CCTV towers offer fantastic levels of service for any size of business. To arrange a consultation, call Steelforce Security UK on 0844 504 0110.