COVID-19 security services: find out what your business needs

By Steelforce Security

Wherever your business is located in the UK, it’s doubtful that you have been unaffected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This month, the Prime Minister announced that the current 3-Tier strategy was no longer adequate and that he would be instituting a further national lockdown.

As such, it has never been more important that you get your security provisions in place. Here at Steelforce Security UK, we create and deliver hand-tailored security packages for our clients throughout the UK. Here are some of our most request security solutions from our clients during these uncertain times.

Second Lockdown - Liverpool

There are many restrictions and guidelines in place in retail outlets around the country, from wearing masks and social distancing to the number of customers allowed in the shop at any one time. Our SIA-licensed retail security staff can assist your customers in following these rules safely, as well as intervening in the event of any disturbance or criminal activity.

Void property inspections

Unfortunately, many businesses will be closing their doors, at least for a short while. We can help protect your premises while they stand empty. Our regular inspections include making sure all doors and windows are locked, as well as checking for signs of environmental damage or attempted entry.

Fever detection technology

A key step in controlling the virus is identifying potential carriers. We provide accurate and effective fever detection technology for businesses across the UK. These devices can pinpoint individuals with a raised temperature, allowing your security team the opportunity to direct them back home to prevent potential spread.

Mobile Patrols Steelforce
Mobile patrols

A concern among police officials is that frustration over extended restrictions, coupled with the long winter nights could lead to instances of arson, vandalism, and theft. At Steelforce Security UK, we have mobile patrols in your local area, keeping a keen eye on your property through the night. In the event of an incident, they will attend the scene to break up any disturbance and inform the relevant authorities, where necessary.


If you need an effective security solution that can weather the turbulent times ahead, get in touch with Steelforce Security UK today. Call us on 0844 504 0110 for a free consultation and professional security advice.