How to protect your customers and staff as we ease out of lockdown

By Steelforce Security

Essential businesses aside, shops and other commercial enterprises have been closed to the British public for over three months. Following the recent announcement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, many of these businesses are now able to start trading again – so long as they comply with certain guidelines.

Here at Steelforce Security UK, we deliver a range of security solutions to companies across the UK that can help them adapt to this new way of working as we come out of lockdown.

Steelforce Security

Manned security plays an important role for any retail outlet, but especially so following lockdown. Part of their new duties will involve challenging customers who fail to socially distance and dealing with those who pose a danger to other customers or staff.

Queue management
Queue management guards

Queue management guards are a new requirement for many shops. The role is an important one. Since COVID-19 has been demonstrated to spread more easily among large groups in confined spaces, maintaining a safe number of customer in store is essential. Queue management guards are responsible for monitoring the ebb-and-flow of visitors to your premises, as well as ensuring the use hand sanitiser and other hygiene products provided for them.

Front of house security
Front-of-house security

Non-retail establishments such as office buildings, restaurants, pubs, and more, are also required to ensure the well-being of their staff and visitors. Our fully-licensed front-of-house security (otherwise known as concierge security) will operate as the public face of your business. They will ensure that visitors to your building maintain proper social distancing They will politely instruct those queueing about the correct procedures, and prevent anybody displaying symptoms of infection from entering the building.

Fever detection technology

One of the symptoms of a coronavirus infection is a raised temperature due to fever. Among the safety options we can provide to our commercial clients at this time is fever detection technology. These electronic devices accurately measure the temperature of customers, staff, and visitors to your place of work, immediately pinpointing anybody displaying an increased temperature.

Bespoke security packages

At Steelforce Security UK, we believe that no two companies will ever have the exact same security needs. To this end, we hand-tailor our security packages to meet the specific requirements of each client. We can incorporate some or all of the services listed above and can even provide you with a security package that includes commercial cleaning of your business premises.


Reopening your business after such a lengthy time in lockdown can be a challenge. To make the transition easier, contact Steelforce Security UK today to discuss your security arrangements. Call us on 0844 504 0110 for a free consultation.