How to protect your vacant properties during the COVID-19 lockdown

By Steelforce Security

With the majority of businesses still locked down as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies find themselves with buildings standing empty. As many high streets and city centres are also experiencing a massive reduction in foot traffic, this makes these properties a prime target for opportunistic thieves and other intruders.

Here at Steelforce Security UK, we offer an extensive range of security solutions for clients nationwide. Many of them are having to deal with a vacant property for the first time.

Here is a few ways that regular vacant property inspections can help your business during the current coronavirus crisis.

Mobile patrols

We operate Void Property Patrols that cover all the buildings under our care. They will drive past your property several times during the day and night, keeping a careful eye out for any signs of damage or disturbance. Should they spot any sort of criminal activity, be it an attempted break-in, fly-tipping on your premises, or the presence of squatters, they will monitor and record it. Should circumstances require it, they will also deal with the activity, reporting back to you in full.

Mobile Patrols Steelforce
A visual deterrent

When you hire Steelforce Security UK to protect your vacant property, we will make sure that people know about it. Notices will be placed at key points around your premises, letting people know that your building is being monitored by one of the nation’s most respected security firms. This, by itself, is enough to deter the casual intruder.

Compliance with insurance

If you’ve never had to deal with a vacant property before, it is worthwhile checking your current insurance policy. Many will insist on regular inspections of void properties if they are to remain valid. We will look at your policy for you and determine what sort of inspection schedule will satisfy the terms of your insurance.

Regular reports and feedback

Every time we inspect your vacant property, we provide you with a full report. Should an incident occur requiring our intervention, or escalation to the relevant authorities, we will also include GPS tracking details and photographic evidence.

Additional security services

If your vacant property is particularly high-risk, or has suffered break-ins in the past, we have several other security solutions that can help. From remotely monitored wireless CCTV systems, to alarm response and key holder services, we have everything you need for complete peace of mind.


A detailed list of our vacant property services can be found here. To discuss your requirements and arrange a free consultation, call Steelforce Security on 07817 453 134.