Steelforce Security


Carl Reynolds

Non-Executive Officer

Carl is a shareholder in the business and has over 30 years security industry experience. His personal qualities, proficiency and specialist knowledge encapsulate the ethos of Steelforce, overseeing the company’s strategic planning and objectives.

Julie Reynolds

Shareholder and Executive Director

Julie is a shareholder as well as having an active role as an Executive Director. She joined the company in 2011, following a change in career direction after more than 26 years as a Nurse. She is responsible for the Quality Management System, and ensuring compliance across the company.

Steven Green

Managing Director

Steve joined the company in 2007 and is responsible for operational and contractual compliance as well as health and safety. He has a diverse range of managerial experiences from retail to manufacturing and through to security services for the past 10 years.

Laura Piggott

Business Manager

Amy Sawiak

Sales Executive

Michelle McAteer

Sales Executive

Stacey Amis

Sales Executive

Shaun Reynolds

Senior Engineer

Deborah Lomax

Operations Manager

Adam Walch

Operations Assistant

Martin Wigan


Kevin Billington


Sophie Buckley

Operations Administrator