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Your store is your livelihood, and that means taking a zero tolerance approach to theft. We work alongside store managers to offer the expertise needed to keep your stock safe. Our store detectives and retail security officers can patrol in an overt or covert manner - whatever we decide is most likely to protect your assets.

Steelforce Security officers have the expertise and experience needed to monitor stock levels on the shop floor or via CCTV. Our presence alone is enough to deter most criminals, but if an incident does take place our officers are more than ready to meet the challenge:

  • Defuse the situation
  • Restore calm within your store
  • Detain any potential criminals until the authorities arrive

Our officers meet the highest professional standards, and we work with each store individually - assessing the situation and devising a tailored solution.



  • A bespoke package fine-tuned to meet the specific requirements of your store. The right mix of officers, CCTV and covert or overt patrols, combined to offer deterrent, prevention and safeguarding.


  • Full First Aid training and a commitment to approachable customer services means that our retail security officers are ready and able to liaise with your customers, deal with emergencies and represent your store.


  • Customer service training is given to all Retail Security Officers as they are often the first point of call when entering a store


It’s not all about the ability to spot criminals or the courage to tackle them. Our officers will become a part of your team, working with other members of staff to deliver a strong visible presence while being part of the wider retail experience.

Being fully uniformed, they will stand out as beacons of reassurance, deterring criminals and reassuring shoppers. The duties and areas of expertise they can deal with include all types of radio systems, security tagging devices and undercover surveillance. By monitoring exits and entrances and spotting any suspicious behaviour, our retail security officers allow you to get on with the important business of running your store. 

Whether you need to protect the stock on the shop floor or deal with the issue of internal theft, our security consultants will analyse your needs and devise the appropriate package, up to and including the provision of loss prevention training.

Round the clock control room coverage, running 7 days a week, means that the peace of mind we provide stays in place even when your store is closed. Safety and security for you, your staff and your customers, delivered to the standards demanded by the SIA - that’s the Steelforce Security offer.

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